Thursday, May 17, 2012

Birds of a Feather – Greeting card range

I will be receiving the first stock of my new range of gift cards soon.This gift card range is the natural evolution and inspired coalescence of my passions: Africa, birds, photography and the bright and cheerful African textiles worn by women across the continent. As a keen collector of African art and textiles, including the beautiful bright African kitenge cloth worn by women in Zambia, Mozambique, Malawi and elsewhere in Africa, it was this cloth that inspired the idea of combining my first two loves - birding and African textiles.

Using mostly my own photographs, complimented by those of my partner Adriaan Vorster and my accomplished photographer friend Rudi van Aarde, I am hoping that this range will bring much joy and be popular enough that I can supplement it with new species from time to time.

Kim Trollip did the lovely little write-ups of the birds that you'll find on the back. Thanks again Kim!!

Here's a preview of the range. (Click on image to view a larger version)

I am currently also working on a little gift folder that will contain 5 cards and a gift box packaging that will contain 24 cards with colourful wrappers. It can also be customised for companies to use as Corporate gifts. I can design a background pattern using elements of your logo or corporate identity to make it your own, incorporate your logo on the front, and sleeves can then be printed in fairly small print runs for specific clients. 
Email me at for custom designs incorporating your company identity.


  1. Sjoe, dit is beautiful, Loretta - ek hou duim vas dat dit gaan werk!! Is seker dit sal!


  2. Baie nice. Hoop dit sal 'n groot sukses wees.

  3. Baie mooi Loretta! Ek het ook die FB gesien van die display in Dullstroom. Dis regtig baie treffend. Ek hoop hierdie nuwe onderneming gee jou vlerke.